Senijari is a heritage-inspired lifestyle brand. We are a homegrown luxe Malaysian brand that seeks to re-interpret and revive Malaysian artisanal heritage through contemporary designs. “Seni” means art in the Malay language, and “Jari” means fingers. Thus, Senijari symbolizes the act of creating art by the human hand.

Art and crafts made by hands of artists and artisans are special as every creation contains the human individuality.

Artisans around the world face challenges in creating a sustainable livelihood as generic, factory made products can be made faster and in larger quantities, offering more profit.

As the world becomes more globalised and connected to other cultures and heritage, ironically, individuals and societies tend to lose touch with their own. Therefore, Senijari was founded as a social enterprise to:

  • Provide opportunities to artisans and master craftsmen to preserve their heritage and improve their livelihood.
  • Support under privileged communities through creating fair employment opportunities, training and providing support networks related to art, culture and heritage
  • Breathe life into ancient crafts through the infusion of modern designs.
  • Elevate masterful craftsmanship into works of art.
  • Make art, heritage and design a part of everyday life.

Senijari starts its journey at home in Malaysia by creating fair and equitable partnerships with artisans, designers and artists. A portion of sales proceeds from Senijari products will be channeled back into working on fair terms with artists, artisans and designers to develop more heritage based designs and products, and Senijari charitable causes. Senijari strives to outsource work as much as possible to under privileged communities such as single mothers and artisans who are earning below the poverty level.

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